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Love Horoscopes 2014

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gemini Love Compatibility 2014

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Best Gemini Love Compatibility: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Gemini and Aries: Gemini Romantic Match 2014 with an Aries person will be an average match due to different opinions on many phases of life. Both these people might not be able to sustain their love life in the coming year.

Gemini and Taurus: Taureans and Geminis might not be able to carry on their love relationship for long in 2014 due to many misunderstandings. Both these people will try to avoid each other in the society.

Gemini and Gemini: When two Geminis will come closer romantically in 2014, it will be like a fire and ice combination. Both these people will try to get heavy on each other resulting in a quarrelsome relationship.

Gemini and Cancer: Geminis will be like people especially made for the Cancerians in 2014. Their love life will set examples in the society and family due to extended harmony and love.

Gemini and Leo: Leos due to their loud behavior won’t be tolerated by the otherwise quiet Gemini people in 2014. A love bond between these two zodiac sign people is hard to sustain in the coming year.

Gemini and Virgo: As per Gemini Love Match 2014, Virgos are going to be average partners in love for the Geminis. Both these people will share same likes and dislikes, so there won’t be anything exciting between them.

Gemini and Libra: Librans and Geminis are going to be like made for each other love couple in the year 2014. Both these people will try their best to please each other in their love relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio: Gemini Love Compatibility 2014 with a Scorpion will be like icing on the cake, due to their high compatibility. These people will be so good together that people in the society will be envious.

Gemini and Sagittarius: The caring attitude of the Sagittarian will simply melt the heart of the otherwise egoistic Gemini person in a love match between these two in the year 2014.

Gemini and Capricorn: Gemini Romantic Compatibility 2014 with a Capricorn person will be like oil and water that will try to float on each other but never try to get mix with each other in 2014.

Gemini and Aquarius: A love match between a Gemini and an Aquarian will not a recommended love match for 2014.These people will find it suffocating under each other’s company due to different approaches towards life.

Gemini and Pisces: There will be many interesting things to look for in a love match between a Piscean and a Gemini person in the year 2014. Both these people will try their best to keep their upper hand but ultimately will get seduced by each other that they will leave their egos way behind.